C&S, Ltd., together with other firms will join the first e-commerce expo to be held beside the mini-theater of MSU-IIT.

The said event is hosted by two colleges of the said university, College of Business Administration and Accountancy and School of Computer Studies.

This event will run from March 8 to 11. Awards will be given to the most viewed and the best e-commerce site. Judges from different colleges will come and watch the said event.

The firm is hoping for your support in this event. So what are you waiting for? Browse through our site!

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On March 08, we will launch this site. We would like you to take a tour on our ever creative site. Please feel free to visit any page that you would desire, provided you agree with our terms and agreements.

This event is in line with the opening of e-commerce expo hosted by the College of Business Administration and Accountancy and the School of Computer Studies.

Please support our site. Thank you.
Change is the only constant in this world. Due to change in market demand and supplier availability, we have carefully planned to shift our market into a new paradigm. We are glad to be served by our heroes in times of war, terrorism and rebellion. Thus, we have decided to cater the needs of our military personnel all over the country and across the world. We are very glad to inform you that our new site will be of service to them.

But this does not mean that we will not cater ordinary people with our products. We also offer novelty items and army accessories not prohibited by any law to be distributed to ordinary consumers. Feel free to browse our products and see what you can buy on it.
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